Welcome! / by Sean Watson

I am excited to start this website. I have been taking photos as a hobby for about seven years, and a few friends have always encouraged me to do something with the images that I have created. Well this is the first step. Through thick and thin, good times and bad I have always had my passion for photography and I'm hoping that some of the people reading this will share some excitement from my work. I am just an amateur at the moment, but I am working to grow my hobby into something more. Most of my pictures will just be uploaded into albums under the projects section, but I will put a few of the ones with a good story behind them here and explain them. Stay tuned, as I'll keep this page updated with new projects and photos!


The image above was taken at La Jolla Cove, I place I often like to walk around and shoot during sunset. I used a Contax 645 with Porta 400 loaded, and I love the vivid rendition of color and texture from the film.